Keele and Finch Neighbourhood is Evolving!

TTC Finch West Station is located under Keele Street, north of Finch Avenue West.  The station accommodates commuter parking for 358 vehicles, Passenger Pick-Up and Drop-Off with associated access roads from Keele Street.

Passengers approaching the station from this area cross the Four Winds Drive extension to enter the station through an automatic entrance on the east side of Keele Street. The automatic entrance, bus terminal, and secure bicycle parking are located under an elevated substation facility. The northern end of the substation box extends over the automatic entrance doors providing a canopy to this entrance. This extension is back lit to form a glowing panel to further highlight the entrance point to patrons from the parking lot and the passenger pick-up and drop-off.

The main entrance is located on the west side of Keele Street just north of the intersection with Finch Avenue West. The cool roof over this entrance and the green roof over the elevated substation box meet the Toronto Green Standard and the Green Roof Bylaw. Glazing is bird-friendly fritted glass, with occasional panels of coloured art glass, in clear anodized aluminum curtain wall framing. The parapet wall and façade above the glazing are clad with fibrous cement panels in a black and white graphic pattern.









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Remember to please support the Keele and Finch local neighbourhood shops and businesses during subway construction


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