Top 5 Things Millennial House Hunters Want?

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Transforming with the changing technology and mindsets evolution is evident and unlike any other business real estate sector too is not immune to this phenomenon. The new face of prospective clients is Millennial house hunters as with an established career, luxurious living is their motto of life.

Millennials are the vast majority of new buyers taking toll on the real estate market. What differentiates them from others? That is an intriguing question but millennials have a clear idea of what they want; do not make any compromises and appreciate the value of luxury real estate.

Millennial house hunters are tech savvy so prefer searching online whether it is a home for sale, rent, investment home. As this generation is comfortable managing everything online the real estate industry has moulded itself enormously to support transactions online. Apart from easy access there are some must haves that house hunters especially millennials are on the look out always are listed below:

  1. Swimming Pool Indoor Pool:  A house without a pool is not just incomplete but does not match the lifestyle quotient millenials want to associate. Generally an indoor pool is the preference as it is easy to maintain and can be accessed any time of the year. Some millennials are more specific than others an oval indoor pool is top on their list while others prefer the traditional pool not so deep.

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  1. Spacious Backyard: To compliment a luxurious home backyard is a must and most millennials have pets or like hosting family gatherings in the backyard so this is the deal maker for them. The backyard strikes right chords for millennials if they can see it as a casual lounging, dining, mingling and cooking spot.

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  1. Front Entrance: The first impression about every house is established with the entrance and the front entrance unfolds a lot of elements of the house. All the minute details make a big impact a clearly marked path from the street to the front door path about 3-4 feet wide is a must. When it comes to Millennials make sure you answer the following questions:
  • What kind of stone is used on the front terrace?

  • What is the color of the front door?

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  1. Spacious Living Room: It’s all about luxurious living for millennials and a spacious living room is the perfect hook. It’s all about the extended space they are on the look out and a spacious living room they cannot let go, the cherry on the top is when there are expansive windows and attractive light fixtures with pristine white walls and wooden floor.

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  1. Recreation Room Indoor: Millennials take living life king size very seriously and a recreation room tops the must have list. Mostly a recreation room alongside from the pool is a treat for millennials with a pool table and a small bar or on the main floor with the view of the indoor pool from the windows.

Millennials are not too hard to please if you know what they are looking for and can make sure you emphasize it is maximizing the value of their money you have instantly made a deal. The above advice is based on our experiences don’t forget to share your views, comments.


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