Moving with KIDS


Sold your house and now ready to move?


Moving can be stressful and quite a challenge if you have hyper-active kiddos at home. This is why I have collected research from multiple sources to provide you with a few tips and tricks for moving with your children.


  1. Keep the routine – keep your baby’s routine unchanged to minimize moving stress. Stick to their regular feeding and sleeping times, and find the energy to play with your little one for a while. Start these moving preparations as early as possible.
  2. Prepare your baby – pack an essentials box for your baby. Your little one will need hygienic products (diapers, wet wipes, powder, diaper rash cream, etc.), adequate baby food and drinks, change of clothes, and a selection of its favourite toys and comforting items (pacifier).
  3. Ensure safety – if the moving process becomes to chaotic arrange for a baby-sitter to help keep the baby company in a quiet room


Source: movingtips    


  1. Meal Plan – create food pouches, individually wrapped snacks and heatable meals for your toddler to munch on. It may take a while before you unpack the kitchen
  2. Pack their room last – help avoid anxiety by waiting as long as possible before packing up their comforting things
  3. Unpack their room first – have everything you need in reach just incase.
  4. Similar Room Setup – help your toddler adjust to their new surroundings by mimicking their old room that way, they still know where everything is.


Source:  lifeasmama 


  1. Drive by the home – drive by the new house as many times as your can. Visit the nearby parks to help them feel more at home even before their first night at your new place
  2. Move toys first – add the toys to your moving day essentials like garbage bags and toilet paper. Place the toys in their new rooms to help them get accustomed to the idea of their belongings moving houses.
  3. Child proof – do not forget the plug covers! Those plugs could look interesting to a child in an empty room. Forget the worry and install the plug covers as soon as you step into your home
  4. Involve them – Think of ways your kiddos can help you with the move. Things such as carrying the cushions, or holding the doors for movers. Let them feel important to diminish any nervousness of the move.
  5. Talk about it – Ask them a lot of questions about the move and make sure they understand. Find out if they are excited or nervous. What they will miss about your current home and what they are excited for in their new home.
  6. Busy Bags – Have bags full of special toys for them on moving day. Things like a new book, a stuffed animal, or a colouring book. These are simple things that can hold their interest while you are unpacking.


Source:  kidsactivitesblog  


  1. Books about Moving
  2. Moving Checklists
  3. Set up the Beds
  4. Have some fun, have a picnic on the floor















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