Lake Dalrymple News

We are situated on the Carden Plain.  Carden is designated as an Important Bird Area.  There are many species, including the loggerhead shrike and the red headed woodpecker who are on the endangered species list and people come for miles to walk the Conservancy lands and view the birds and butterflies indigent to our area. 

 Some of the land is posted as Alvar, which means it has very little topsoil and plants such as Prairie Smoke and several species of lichen can also be seen.  It is always advisable to take only a picture and leave only a footprint. 

 On the first weekend of June, we host  a celebration of the Carden Plain revolving around the Community Centre on Lake Dalrymple Road.  There are exhibits, guided tours and workshops for all visitors.

Every month, on the third Friday, we have a community supper, hosted by the United Church Women. It is a popular event and a good time for neighbours to meet and catch up with the news.  The best desserts for miles!

The hall is also available by calling the city of Kawartha LAkes, for events, weddings and parties.