Winter 2014

These days I am mesmerized by the winter Olympics.  It is amazing that technology today allows me to get instant updates via CBC and Twitter on my Blackberry.

The down to earth quality of the Canadian athletes is evident in all the acceptance speeches and the  way they include and honour their families and coaches.  I am so proud to be Canadian and how we celebrate winter and all it has to offer.

Even if my snowshoe walking is my limit, I still see the wonders of nature and feel the enlivening rush of air as I wander in the woods.  It is warmer inside the treed areas, there are openings and sheltered areas to listen to the quiet, or the chattering birds as they shiver and cuddle to stay warm.   There are wildlife tracks everywhere.

Signs of Spring abound, the colour change of the finches, the melting of snow at the base of trees and the impressive warmth of the sun when it is evident.  St. Francis told us that the birds choose their mates on St. Valentines Day....That being the case, spring will be along soon, for the small birds are flirty at my feeders and where I walk.

Enjoy the games, enjoy the changing season and celebrate Family day!