Late summer

In Ontario cottage country, we usually expect hot humid days and nights in August.   This year, we are having hail storms, cooler nights, and early harvests.

 In the rural areas, the homes are already fragrant with varieties of chile sauce (both Tomato and peach), pickles and preserves. Farmers markets and roadside stands are offering delights from corn to flowers to baking. You will often find arts and crafts and trippy antiques.

Annual fairs give way to Fall Fairs and the CNE is opening next week.  Back to school is both loved and hated, but speeding forward.

 A great time to buy a home, in my opinion.  Hosting Thanksgiving in  a new home or cottage brings pleasure to the our friends and families.

Whatever you plan for this time of the year, please try to spend some time in the Kawarthas or towns like Orillia and Midland and Lindsay.   There is so much to see and do and the pace is relaxed.