4 Tips for making your home feel like home for your buyers

Selling or thinking of selling? Here are the major selling points for many people

  1. The bathrooms – We spend a lot of time in the bathroom, doing hair, makup, showers, baths, reading the magazine… It is one of the rooms we look at in detail when house hunting. It is bright? How’s the mirror? Is there enough room on the counter? Is there a soaker tub?
    So, when you sell, make sure you have this room in tip top shape. Have it smelling nice, the grout is clean in the bath/shower, and put amenities in, even if you don’t use them. Have a fresh loofa hanging in the shower, a fresh (unused) bar of soap on the counter, and a new roll of TP on the hanger. These may seem like little things, but these little details will keep the room feeling fresh and clean, not used by someone else.
  2. The living space. If a family is buying the place, this is a room that will see a lot of use. Set this place up well, remove extra clutter, and keep it open for people to walk and move around. Keep pillows, blankets and the like to a minimum, and ensure the mantle is dusted.
  3. The Kitchen – the most important room in the house! The new owners will be using this room to entertain, cook breakfasts, and serve feasts. Ensure it is functional. Remove any clutter here too, take away any small appliances that do not increase the décor or fit the persona of a kitchen. Ensure they are clean (even though they are probably not staying after the sale), as it will make it feel like theirs rather than someone else’s. The large appliances, ensure they are impeccable (especially if they are coming with the sale of the house), and keep the fridge interior clutter to a minimum. A full and messy fridge of left overs and half eaten cans of spam are NOT what you want to showcase.
  4. Make the house smell like a “home”. Bake cookies, or bread before a showing. Or have some high quality scents replicating them in the air. It is proven that those smells we associate with ‘home’, and we feel that we could make this place be that home.

Remember to basically keep things clean, tidy, and fresh. Don’t make it feel lived in by someone else. Because, remember, these people touring the property are wanting to envision it being their home.