Longest Slo-Pitch Game (Unofficially) Set in Leduc

EDMONTON - Over six days, after 700 innings and 144 hours and six minutes of play, the marathon slow-pitch game that started last Monday at noon in Leduc is finally over.

The 39 players crazy enough to attempt breaking the previous Guinness World Record of 115 hours and four minutes can now go home. They have done what they came to Wm. F. Lede Park to do.

When the game ended Sunday afternoon, the players erupted into cheers, popped some champagne and released 144 balloons for every hour played.

The stands were full of people watching the finale, said Sharon Weigel, one of the organizers.

“Some are saying they’d like to do it again, some are saying never again, and some are looking forward to going home and having a good shower and relaxing their muscles,” she said.

Guinness has to verify everything – notes, video recordings and paperwork – before it declares the Leduc group to be the official record holders.

Players may have to wait another month or two before they find out, Weigel said.

But when they do, she said she plans to organize a barbecue or maybe even a slow-pitch tournament to celebrate.

All proceeds and donations generated by the event will go toward Riseup House, an organization based in Leduc that provides support services for women affected by domestic abuse and violence.

Lance Joumblat

Lance Joumblat

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