8 Reasons to List Your Home in January

1.  Less Competition - Most sellers don't put their homes on the market during the last or first couple of months of the year.  So, if there are buyers in your local market, you may be at an advantage selling when most sellers are waiting.

2.  More Time To Get Top Dollar - With less competition, by marketing your home early you may be able to secure a higher price.  While the buyer may have 30 homes to compare and choose from in June, there may be only 10 homes that fit their criteria in January.  If they are motivated to buy, they will choose on of those ten homes.

3.  January is the Biggest Transfer Month - Did you know that more corporate moves happen during the month of January than any other month of the year? 

4.  More Serious Buyers - you may have fewer showings but more qualified buyers.

5.  Better Timing - By selling your house during the winter months, you may have the opportunity of first dibs on the plentiful spring inventory.

6.  Home Shows Well During the Holidays - The holidays are a great time to show homes because they feel warm decorated inside and out.

7.  Showing Flexibility - Enjoy your holidays.  Rather than pull your house off the market and miss a good prospect, change the showing procedure to require advance notice or restrict showings when you have company.  Buyers will understand. 

8.  Changing Dynamics in Home Buyers Searches - justifying not lising in winter because there are less daylight houses and bad weather inhibits buyers from wanting to see homes is not relevant as it was in the past.  Nine out of ten home buyers search for homes online - at their workplaces, on their smart phones and from the comfort of their homes after dark.

Sellers who stick out the market through the winter actually increase their chance to sell significantly.

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