A look at some of downtown Belleville's new businesses

I went for a wander today to take a closer look at some one downtown's brand new businesses. I stopped in at Belleville Fit Body Bootcamp at 286 Front Street, and Gourmet Diem at 249 Front Street.

Fit Body's owner, Cathy, has done a fantastic job of renovating the space. The gym has high ceilings, tons of natural sunlight, (as the entire side of the building is one big window), and some impressive new, and cutting edge equipment. Cathy is gearing up for January, but is offering a Gleaner's Food Bank test run for people who want to give one of her boot camps a try. I am very excited to see where she goes with her business. It looks great!

My next stop was Gourmet Diem. It was outstanding. The service was impeccable. My wife and I tried some of their cheeses and we were really taken with their L'Aubergine Brie, and their Red Lecestershire cheese. It was definitely an experience. Their arrival came in handy as we have to show up at a friend's holiday party this weekend with a cheese plate. Needless to say, we purchased many fine cheeses and are quite happy with our new downtown family members.

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