April is Earth Month! Century 21 in Trash Bash Prince Edward County

The Trash Bash Crew!!  Left to Right, Sandy Young, Kevin Young & Family, Bill Goodman, Darlene Eldridge, Carol Brough, Steven Sensenstein, Veronica & Sissy Lockyer, Bob Brough.

April 25th, volunteers gathered between the Waring House at the new Round About in Picton & the Bloomfield Town sign. Bold gold T-shirts, garbage bags and gloves were the costume of the morning, besides the smiles worn by all volunteers, happy to have the opportunity to participate!

It is amazing what garbage people will throw from their vehicles! A mucky black sock, beer bottles, whisky bottles, cell phones, hub caps, and surprisingly....or not....it takes the time to drive from Tim Hortons in Picton to approx 200 feet before the Bloomfield sign to finish a medium sized coffee, open keno tickets.....and chuck them from the car window!

We are proud to live in Prince Edward County, with our beautiful Beaches, Amazing Antique Shops, Multitudes of Artisans supplying a variety of Venues, Wineries, Vineyards, Museums, Hiking Trails, Birds, Lakes, Architecture!  Funny none of those images involve viewing garbage of any sort.

Let's show off Our County to all our Visitors this summer,....without the garbage!

Sissy Lockyer not so much liking a Big O'le June Bug!


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