My daughter recently went out to our garden armed with a healthy dose of enthusiasm,a huge smile and the patience to sit out there all day till she found some butterflies. I looked at her roaming the garden and found myself equating my feelings about my new career to her feelings looking for butterflies.I,like her, have armed myself with the knowledge I need to accomplish my goals,and have a naturally enthusiastic nature,a big smile,and patience to hang in there and I suppose I have my own internal butterflies to deal with. When my daughter realized her search might be in vane she busied herself with other garden activities, tending flowers,digging and while she worked one small white butterfly landed in front of her and it was at that moment I knew that if I work hard and kept that sense of wonder about life, even when its not going my way,I can accomplish the things I set out to.I also have the added bonus of a fantastic group of people to work along side and I consider myself privileged to be learning them and thank them for making me feel welcome.I know it won't always be easy,but I am glad to be in a place like Century 21 where I am surrounded by smart, creative, hardworking people.

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