City of Belleville Facade Program

City of Belleville- Façade Improvement Program

General Eligibility Criteria

All proposed improvement projects will be assessed under three main


1. Consistencies with these design guidelines and the original architectural design

of the building.

2. The extent to which a project improves the overall appearance of the property

and of adjacent and nearby buildings.

3. The overall benefit to the downtown and consistency with the City's Official

Plan and other applicable policies.


Since 2006, the city of Belleville has organized and implemented a façade program to help store owners and businesses improve the outer appearance of their buildings in the Belleville Downtown Improvement Association (BDIA). This area ranges from down Front St, Campbell St, as well as properties fronting on the east side of Pinnacle and the south side of Dundas (Map above fully outlines area)

The purpose of the program is to encourage the preservation of the architecture and tradition upon which the character of downtown Belleville is based upon. The program hopes to encourage the restoration of our downtown core with the rehabilitation of older downtown buildings.

The grants are in the form of a non repayable financial contribution provided by the city to owners. Capital grants may be provided for up to 50% of the cost of façade improvements that satisfy design guidelines to a maximum of $7,500. For projects that include two facades, up to 50% may be provided, to a maximum amount of $10,000.

The program also allows for additional grants for projects that include a second façade. The city states that upgrading or the establishment of a second façade opening towards a flanking street, a municipal lot, the Moira River or the Riverfront Trail, or other areas accessible to the public may qualify for the enriched grant. It should be noted however that additions to existing buildings do not qualify for the grant.

To receive this grant requires various documents that need to be submitted to the city for approval. You will need to complete an application form (found at the city of Belleville website below), detailed drawings of the building façade (including all information needed to help understand the scope of project), in addition to two independent quotes from two qualified contractors.


Visit the downtown Belleville website for all applications and information pertaining to the façade improvement program.

Downtown Belleville Façade Information Page.

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