Dave Pinnell Jr of Century 21 Lanthorn Napanee gets Dunked !!

When the Town of Napanee contacted Dave Pinnell Jr. of Century 21 Lanthorn Real Estate limited in Napanee to participate in the Canada Day 2014 festivities... once again the answered was SURE !!!  What Dave found out quite quick was that he once to be one of a few "Local Personalities" to be Dunked for Charity.  However, if you know Dave at all, He "Gives back to the community that gives to Him" !!


Dave commented "the kids dunked me more than the adults !! but I could see that the Adults were trying too hard, its like golf....the harder you try to hit the ball...the farther from the target you go !!!!"

When asked if Dave would participate again next year......he stated "Absolutely !!!"


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