Experience is Everything

I presently have my house for sale after living here for 14 years.  It is a good reminder of what it is really like to sell your home and being a buyer at the same time.  Everyday you must leave your house in show room condition.  I already went through the process of de-cluttering and removing personal pictures.  I found that I actually liked it better as today's house fashion is, "simple is best".  My home looked more spaciious and appeared that way in pictures that are nicely displayed on Century21.ca with Peter Gorski as my chosen agent. 

I managed to find two homes that I became emotionally attached to, had my furniture all set up and then narrowed it down to one.  It was basicaly mine.  I saw myself living there and walking or riding my bike through the neighbourhood.  Regretfully... someone else bought my house!  Mine hasn't sold yet.  It hasn't been long but this is different.  I am a seller and I am a buyer. Now I remember what it is really like.  I need my Real Estate agent to help me through this!

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