FOLLOW THE FARM - January 2016


As I write about updates around the farm it is hard to believe that it is already January 10th !  Hoping everyone had a lovely Christmas and a Great New Year!  

As the weather has stayed some what balmy ( SO FAR! ) this winter we have been able to continue with a lot of outside work. Our horse barn windows had seen better days having put "used"  wood sash ones in about 20 years ago. The sun, rain and snow over the years had deteriorated them to full rot. So we bit the bullet and invested in some nice vinyl sliders that should hold up for many years to come.

It's also been great weather to move manure, so all barns have had a mid-winter clean out. 

What we all save in snow removal both at home and road wise for the towns, cities and counties is substantial but it is not so great for others. For those peoples whose incomes depend on snow it is a hard season when there's no white stuff on the ground. From ski-hills to snowmobile sales to snow removal folks to area hotel/motels that rely on winter activities - this kind of winter leaves them hurting. 

So our wish is for "some" snow for outdoor enthusiasts and this family is one of them. From hooking horses or mules for a sleigh ride to snowshoeing to cross country skiing and tobogganing it's fun to get outdoors and enjoy the season. For more pictures from the farm & info please see:



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