Whether you live in the suburbs or the country side in Ontario I am sure you have wondered about the changing weather this year. Hot, cold, wet, dry - at the moment we are experiencing drought conditions in our area. I know the "brown" lawn doesn't look nice as the green - but conserve the water, the lawns will bounce back when the rain comes. Flower pots and beds, water if you can, it's the vegetables and field crops we should be concerned with.

It always amazes me how we take for granted the food supply in the grocery store. How totally dependent we are on the whim of Mother Nature. The farmers and folks that get that food to our plate should be thanked at each meal. They are the ones who take the financial risk of growing our food and the loss if it doesn't harvest. 

We produce some of what we eat on our farm but this year threw a new on at us. The garlic was harvested one day last week at about 10 a.m. with full intent to get it peeled back and hanging to dry by noon. Well things "happened" that kept us from returning until 4 p.m.

What a surprise we got! We knew garlic, if too fresh when making pickles could turn blue in the jar or when stir frying but we weren't prepared for what we found back at the garden that day.

Almost 1/3rd of the garlic harvested had "cooked" laying on top of the soil and turned BLUE where it laid. We have peeled some of the parts on the blue bulbs that weren't coloured and froze them and the rest of the harvest is now hanging in the garden shed to dry. You really do learn something NEW everyday - and we won't harvest and leave it again in the heat of the day.


 If you don't grow your own vegetable garden but you do visit a local farmers market, vegetable stand or belong to a CSA (community shared agriculture) be sure to inquire about the hardships they are experiencing this year. The farmer will appreciate that you acknowledge his struggle.      

             Happy Gardening to all and may the rains fall gently!








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