Probably one of the most noted wild spring time flowers would be the official flower of Ontario - the Trillium.  Growing abundently in the forests and woodlands of the province they herald spring and with warmer temperatures they bloom and cover the ground. They are a joy to look for on a walk or a weekend drive through the country side. But remember DON'T PICK THEM ! Here in Ontario the Trillium is regarded as a protected species so just enjoy them were they reside!


Here on the farm in the woods at the homeplace we have no Trilliums ( which seems odd as they are abundant in the fence rows and in the forest across the road) We do however have a multitude of other species - some we know and some we are just learning about. Below are three that grow on the high hill. Google told us that the little white one was called "Bloodroot " and the little violet shaped one could be  "Blue eyed grass."  The wee yellow one we are not sure at all - maybe "Bellworts" ? What ever their names they are delightful to find on a walk.


                                                           ABOVE:  BLOODROOT    ( ? )


                                                            ABOVE:  BLUE EYED GRASS ( ? )


                                                    UNKNOWN  maybe  "BELLWORTS"  ( ? )

In the next few weeks the Garden Centres everywhere will be booming with customers eager to plant flowers and maybe vegetbles for summer. We are very lucky in the Belleville area to have many fine places to purchase plants. From Richters out on Hwy 62 north of Foxboro, Farmgate Gardens on the Foxboro/Frankford Rd. just west of Foxboro to Thrashers downtown Belleville or out Hwy 2 to Connon Nurseries closer to Trenton. You will also find flowers etc... at Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Canadian Tire and many of the grocery stores both in town and rural.  Prince Edward County also has many lovely garden centres.  Go for a drive and check them out and HAPPY PLANTING!!!

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