FOLLOW THE FARM ( April 2014 )

                                                                                  YIPEE !!!  

                          Spring 2014 has sprung  

                                                BUT  so has the FLOOD in                                                                                                                                     my basement !!!






With no frost to speak of in the ground, excessive layers of snow & ice, then combine that with spring rainfall and conditions all lean towards FLOODING!

We live on the outskirts of several small villages/towns and a small city that has a river flowing through them. With the above conditions and the eventual winter melt to the North, you have the recipe for disaster. They are now flooding or are under flood watch. The radio said this a.m. that the water was rising 13cm a day and now are forecasting 3 days of rain.

Sand bagging is ongoing but aerial pictures and drivebys show an ever increasing amount of houses touched by flooding.  Even if it doesn't  reach your  foundation it generally still seeps into your basement.

These days most homes have finished basements hence the real damage to drywall, flooring & personal belongings when the water runs in. Out forefathers that built most farmhouses knew you might run into opposition from MOTHER NATURE every once in a while so that’s why most farmhouses have cellars. The water either was made to run through or with the invention of sump pumps was pumped out with no damage to stone foundations.

I realize in todays world no one is going to give up their finished basements so there are a few things you can do.

1) Make sure your sump pump is in working order. A battery backup in case of power failure & and extra sump pump are all great investments.

2) Make sure evestroughs and downspouts are clear & free to run away from your homes foundation.

3) Manually clear larger amounts of snow away from the base of your home if the melt comes fast.

4) When buying a home or looking for a building lot, investigate the lay of the land surrounding the area. Does the home sit lower than the surrounding landscape? A big tip off of propblems is: Do the people that live there now have excessive water flow controls in place? A big thing is to find out if home or land is on an existing flood plane. These are all questions your realtor should be able to help you with.

Our own basement is not without its problems. We live in a 150 year old farmhouse with a cellar. The water does come in some springs, as we live half way down a hill & the spring melt runs through us, but the sump pump takes care of the water. This spring we thought everything was in place but awoke at 5:30am to hear water in  the cellar. A quick check found that the switch had stuck. A little jiggle of sump pump and away it went. Guess we should have jiggled it the day before, but being an unfinished cellar there was no damage.

Where ever you live and whether your basement is finished or not we hope your problems are small and that you have a dry Spring ( basement wise at least ).


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