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 The Farm is generally in slow mode this time of year. Yes there are always chores to do and this year the mounds & mounds & mounds of snow to move, pile, shovel, scrape and clear away from all walkways, laneways, buildings and roofs has seen rest for no man or woman. Other than all this snow to contend with and the usual chores, we have been very busy with Real Estate. It seemed to take a very small break at Christmas and then the phones have been ringing. We are very busy and thankful for that.

 There has been almost to much snow for me to snow shoe but I have made it out a couple of times. During one of the 1/2 dozen or so snow storms we have had this year I was able to take a few photos.  A few days later I thought I would snap the same location so one could see just what had been obliterated by the snow. When you look at the horizon line of these pictures and do the comparisons its kind of cool.


We keep busy in the off hours this time of year with meetings for real estate, planning meetings for the Hastings County 2014 plowing match, a couple of night school courses, hockey,  family and friends. Its always nice if we are in town when we  run into a customer we've had in the past either with the on Farm Store or Real Estate and have a chat and a catch up. I think this winter is going to feel longer than most as it had such an early start and has been rather severe. If your over 50 it seems like the winters we had as kids. 

If your in the LINDSAY are on March 5th or 6th and interested in anything agriculture, be sure to take in the East Central  Farm Show at the Lindsay Fair Grounds.  

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