FOLLOW THE FARM ( June 2014 )

                       "  STAY - CATION "


Its fun ( maybe ) to pack up the car or camper, board a train, plane or cruise ship and head off into the wild blue yonder.  To see new things and experience new places - to - VACATION !!   But not all of us are so lucky or have the desire to do these things.  

IN COMES THE:    STAY - CATIONS     ( farm-cation in our case)

Home is a wonderful and comforting thing. Our own neighbour hoods, towns, cities, and surrounding areas usually hold a treasure chest of great things to do on a daily basis. From the beach, to local museums, art galleries, antique shops, car shows, plowing matches, fairs etc...

Then there is our homes themselves. They don't have to be show places to be comfortable. Our own home is an old farmhouse, modestly decorated circa 1980's and maybe to some it seems more cottagey than elegant but that is what suits our families needs.  Yes shoes should come off at the door ( and most times do ) but a bit of mud on the floor after an outing of four wheeling will wipe up with a bit of water.  If your clever with words you can convince people that a couple of hours pulling weeds in the vegetable garden is thereaputic and cutting grass with a push mower ( or throwing small bales of hay or straw ) is better than any work out at an expensive gym.

More & more people are adding a pool (above ground is a good option and easier to get rid of when kids are grown) and with a little landscaping and flowers becomes an oasis to retreat to when the lawn care is done.

We ourselves put a sunroom/covered patio on the house 22 years ago or so and call it our cottage. With birds nesting and singing and the horses and cattle grazing on the near by hill, you really do feel rested when you sit with your choosen cold beverage in hand.

So if you choose to stay home this year take advantage of the many things in your own area to par-take in and jazz your own yard up with a new umberella and comfy lounge and you can cool off in a kiddie pool as well as a big one, sit back and listen to the birds sing.  ENJOY!




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