Farming, the old way, in the Quinte Region

Our rural area in Quinte is one of tremendous contrasts.

The farmer who rents our land has recently put in two new methane digesters which will use cattle manure, field waste and even used restaurant grease to produce electricity. It's proven technology, and he will soon be supplying enough electricity to meet the needs of 400 homes.  Amazing. I will try to post more about that in the future.

As an extreme contrast to that kind of technology, we are blessed to have Old Order Mennonites in our community. They don't like to have their picture taken, so I respect their wishes in that, but I have a rich supply of pictures in my head of these hard-working folk, running along the side of the highway in their carriages and wagons, delivering our supply of wood for the winter, and even one great scene where three young fellows had two horses pulling a wagon, followed by s second wagon that had a boat on it. They were off to a day of fishing with the original boat trailer!

Today I passed this scene in one of the local fields -

Aliens with floppy haircuts? No, just some hay drying, "bailed together" and almost ready to collect. The bales were anything but square, though, so I looked around and spotted this old fashion bailer -

which would be horse-drawn, of course.

One thing that interests me is that we are all scrambling to find alternate fuels to deal with the depletion of oil reserves that will become a more acute problem very soon.

If oil goes to $300 a barrel, will these people even notice?

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