Getting Off the Grid

Many people dream of getting off the grid.  Considering the cost of heating our homes during our cold Canadian winters and the reports of a shortage of fossil fuels to provide oil, gas, etc for the future, the idea of using the sun to heat our homes (even to partially heat them) is certainly appealing.  I recently looked into the viability of biomassas an alternitive.  Now, a new listing through our office at Century 21 Lanthorn has whetted my interest in Passive Solar Heating.  Wikapedia reports the following:

Passive Solar technologies are means of using sunlight for useful energy without use of active mechanical systems (as contrasted to active solar). Such technologies convert sunlight into usable heat (water, air, thermal mass), cause air-movement for ventilating, or future use, with little use of other energy sources. A common example is a solarium on the equator-side of a building. Passive cooling is the use of the same design principles to reduce summer cooling requirements.[1]

Some passive systems use a small amount of conventional energy to control dampers, shutters, night insulation, and other devices that enhance solar energy collection, storage, use, and reduce undesirable heat transfer.

'Low-grade' energy needs, such as space and water heating, have proven, over time, to be good applications for passive use of solar energy.

The new listing mentioned above boasts passive solar heating as well as many other features including a great location, wonderful water view and 81 acres of land.  We need to be looking to the future and seeking ways to lessen our dependence on fossel fuels for providing energy for our homes.  If you are considering the purchase of a home, you owe it to yourself to take a look at this home.  Give Marion Leavens at Century 21 a call at 613-583-9789 and arrange a viewing.  But first, check out this great property - click here.


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