Goodbye summer, hello Fall! (Kind of..)

Hey everyone!

Time for another summary of real estate, business and my life in general! The summer months of July and August were quite busy real estate wise. Showings, listing appointments and continuing to help serve my client base in the best and most efficient way possible continues to be my top priority. I have been working closely with first time home buyers and have seen the bulk of what is available in Belleville, Quinte West, Marmora and Madoc this summer. For a lot of the buyers, its usually been a happy medium of up to date fixtures and finishes with some work left to do in the properties. Depending on the budget, location and amount of work my buyers are realisitically capable of handling, I have been able to find the perfect match to fit their needs. Asking those intial quiestions is very important in finding someone their perfect home.

A topic I would like to go more indepth about but might save for another blog topic on its own, are housing prices and rental rates in Belleville. There was a good article written by Kevin Jackon in the Intelligencer (which you can read here) about high rental rates in the region and some possible solutions. On the buying side of the buisness, take for example in Prince Edward County, the average home there is over $200,000. In my opinion, this puts a lot of strain on first time buyers mortgage wise and stops the cycle of growth within the county. Homes in Belleville tend to have the same problems (sometimes).

I feel like many of us get very emotionally attached to our homes. Granted there is your time, money and memories in a home, but looking at it from a buyer's perspective and not your own is quite cruicial in effectively pricing and marketing your home. If you have the time to wait and can afford carrying the cost of your home while it's on the market, while looking/living somewhere else then thats great, list it as high as you want!

However, the reality is that most of us are selling from a particular stance of motivation, and would prefer it to happen sooner then later, with the least money spent in the process. If homes were more realistically priced, I think it might facilitate growth in the area. Bold claims I'm making I know, but I feel like an outsider looking into this housing market and see a solution so simple, but with dated homes in the area costing just as much as completely renovated updated homes, something is out of whack. The dated homes sit, become stale and I bet those clients are not particularly happy about it.

On the lighter side of things, myself and other volunteers from various religious denominations had an cultural and interfaith event in Belleville this summer. There was good food (thank you to everyone who brought a delicious dish!!) and great conversations about inclusivity, what each group can bring to the community and what other ideas there are to improve our connections with diversity in area. The event drew in a large crowd of people from in and around Belleville and as the MC for the night, I hope to organize more events of this nature. (Click here to view the Intel article about the event). With our next event scheduled for

In July,  I participated in the Waterfront and Ethnic Festival put on by the City of Belleville. After 3 hot days in the sun, I definality have learned some major lessons on what to do for my booth next year. I met a lot of great people out and about enjoying their time at the fair. Not only was I able to help provide information on the area to out-of-towners but I also got a listing out of it. Not a bad way to get your name out there!

August has been busier of the 2 months, with buyers and sellers wanting to move quickly before the cold weather sets in. No one likes to move in the winter if they can avoid it! With more and more deals closing  I'm beginning to realize how much of a balancing act keeping up with prospecting and doing deals is. Its a skill that requires finesse and discipline to say the least. I am making my way though, slowly but surely!

I just wanted to stop and thank everyone I have had the pleasure of working with so far. As a new agent it is definitely a plus to be surrounded by a great supporting team and clients you wouldn't hesitate going that extra mile for. More pictures to come from the summer events!

Toodles :)




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