Whenever I work with potential Buyers I'm always surprised at how much homework they've done finding potential homes. Buyers spend a great deal of time on the Internet looking at homes for sale. I'm also surprised at how little they know about the Buying Process. Even buyers, who already own a home, have forgotten the process. Understandable since the Buying Process is constantly changing. I always spend time upfront with people walking them through the 12 steps to buying a home put together by The Canadian Real Estate Association.

Home buying is a complex process that can be confusing. A REALTOR® can guide your through every step. REALTORS® understand the market, the process and the paperwork. And when it’s time to make an offer, a REALTOR® will negotiate on your behalf. A REALTOR® works for you and must, by law, look after your best interests.

On the Internet, you can learn about the home buying process and even begin to look at potential neighbourhoods and properties. You’ll find properties advertised on dozens of Canadian websites, but it will be your REALTOR® who knows if the home you’re interested in is actually under the flight path to the local airport or right next door to a marijuana grow house.

To better understand the Buying Process (Or Selling) for a home go to How Realtors Help.

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