Owning a family cottage is a dream for many, but before you sign on the dotted line do your homework.  Cottages can be costly, and just like a home, require regular maintenance.  While its hard to put a pricetag on those summertime memories, making a smart investment should be your number one goal. 

You can debate the question of whether a cottage is a luxury splurge or a good real estate investment.  Truthfully, it is a bit of both.  If you were lucky enough to inherit or buy lakefront property decades ago, you would likely do well if you were to sell it tomorrow. 

A winterized property may be a better investment than a summer home with no insulation and limited access.  Cottage prices will range depending upon a number of factors.  Being less than a two hour drive from the city on a larger lake is most desirable but also the most expensive option.  There are more affordable options if you are willing to drive a little further or settle on a smaller lake.

Everyone must put a little work into their cottage as it will require regular maintenance.  Be sure to choose a property thats manageable and leaves room in your finances for you put in a dock and buy a boat so you can enjoy the full potential of the cottage lifestyle. 

From  - Scott McGillvary



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