NOT For Sale: "Why Is It Better To Have Your Home Evaluated When It Is Absolutely NOT For Sale?

Your home may be worth a lot more than you think. Then again, it might be worth less. This is a subject that home owners tend to get emotional about, especially around selling time.

If you evaluate your home only when you need to sell, you may set your price too low because you need a quick sale to accomodate the closing date on your new home or because your neighbour's home sold for less than you expected.

Conversely, you may set your price too high because of a strong personal attachment to your home or because you feel the market is strong.

Whether you set your pice high or low, one thing is certain - misjudging the value of your home almost always guarantees you will eventually receive less than you deserve.

That is why right now, when you are NOT selling, is the ideal time to get a professionally prepared rational and objective evaluation of the current value of your most important asset.

I can helo you with that.  Just give me a call at 613-849-0969.  Just tell me that heard about it here.


Re-printed With Permission By My Friend BRUCE WITCHEL

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