Here is a nice letter that i received yesterday from Randy Hillier...just goes to show you folks...that our voice does what's next.....Hydro One?





Thanks to the significant efforts of people like you, the Ontario Liberal Government has backed down on their threat of allowing for a new land transfer tax.




The Opposition Caucus has been hammering away at this proposed new tax since the Legislature returned in September; initially the Government was reluctant to admit this new tax was being considered, however once my colleague Steve Clark (Leeds-Grenville) introduced a motion opposing this tax,  they were pressured to admit the truth.


Thanks to the thousands of emails from concerned people like you all across our province, they have succumbed to logic and common sense, and accepted that this would be a bad idea. Minister McMeekin announced during Question Period today that there would be no new land transfer tax….not now, anyway.


Democracy is not a spectator sport; your efforts have demonstrated that given the right pressure at the right time, governments can be forced to respond to the people who elect them.


While I was elected to represent your concerns in the Legislature, your voice added to mine increases the magnitude and pressure I can bring to bear in holding this government accountable to you.


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Thank you,

Randy Hillier

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