Niche Marketing

Wikipedia defines Niche Marketing as a focused targetable portion (subset) of a market.

I have always had an interest in commercial and investment real estate. I finally decided to carry that interest into my business plan and establish myself as a local expert in that sector. At the moment I made this decision an amazing change occurred in the way that looked at doing business. Prospecting, the hardest job in real estate became a very focused activity. I was no longer thinking, well maybe I'll try this and see what happens.

In the recent weeks since I made the "mind shift", I have spent my time speaking directly to business and commercial property owners. Not all of them will do business with me, I understand that, but even the process of speaking with them has been a very enriching process for me developmentally. Some of the owners have been willing to work with me though and that is how this business works.

I have picked my niche and I am working toward establishing myself in it.


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