Pets and Selling Your Home

We all love those furry little creatures and big ones too, that become part of our family.  They make themselves at home and have their favourite areas to sleep and play.  Often not where we want them but they are family! 

Part of getting your house ready to sell is making the home look and smell as if it were pet free.  This can be sometimes difficult and may require new paint, new carpet and the discarding of furniture.  So selling your home can impose on your pets, as it can on the whole family.  It is worth it and helps to speed up the selling of your home. 

If a buyer feels that they can just move in and not do anything, you have a better chance of getting close to your asking price.  In a buyers market, such as what we have now, it is important to eliminate as many repairs, clutter and pet aroma as possible.  There are many tv programs that demonstrate how to make your home sellable and CMHC has information on their website.  As a Real Estate Sales Representative we have the knowledge of what preparation prior to lising, helps your home to sell. 

It is not our intention to offend you or your pet but to do our  job and sell your home!

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