Rural Property Hydro Pole Inspections

In rural locations it is not unusual to have hydro poles running outside the hydro corridor onto a property.  But what many buyers and sellers fail to realize is that the ownership and maintenance of those poles and related equipment are the responsibility of the property owner.  Failure to properly maintain the poles, lines and related equipment could potentially result in costly repairs or ultimately the loss of power until the necessary repairs are made.

According to Hydro One article 1.6 Customer Rights and Obligations Section C, "The Customer is responsible for the installation and maintenance of Customer Equipment...  Customer Equipment includes, but is not limited to, power lines, poles and the base of the meter." (For more information please refer to Hydro One Networks Inc. Distribution Customers Conditions of Service.)

To avoid any potential complications when purchasing a home, inspect the condition of the poles and related equipment.  Is there any noticeable rot or deterioration of that could potentially create a hazard?  Are the meter base and the meter in good functioning order?  Do the hydro lines coming to the house show any signs of wear or damage?  If you have any doubts about the electrical systems an inspections by a licensed electrician should be able to identify any potential hazards or problem areas that need to be addressed.

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