Summertime Trout

At the start of the early morning hours while it is still dark out and just creeping in on light is one of the best times to be out fishing. Catching the fish is part of what you want to do but first you need to find them. Early morning is one of the best times even when you can not see them you can find them. The trout just like you and me are fanatic about fresh food.

Just as the light starts to hit the pools of water that may hold your desired prey if you listen to the calm and still pools of water you will here.....mup.....mup......and other lovely sounds to the ear. If you are a fisherman or fisherwoman you will know the ....mup means business, yes it is the sound of your trout on an early morning feed. Trout like other fish love to just sip and gently break the water's surface sucking back the delightful meal of the day.

A trained eye and ear will help you find in the darker hours and the quiet of the morning the guest that showed up for a meal.

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