Thanks Century 21

Thanks to Century 21 National and Lanthorn, I have the most advanced web based, on line office there is. Launched about 1 year ago, with agressive up grades, marketing tools,contact and tracking systems it keeps me on the fore front of the internet age and times My listing inventory is exceptionally promoted via Show Case 21 along with printable feature sheets and flyers. The tracking ability of the this ,is amazing and eye opening for me. I get a full accounting any time, of the traffic on my site with a very detailed break down of what they viewed and fowarded For the last 30 days over 450 viewers have be at my site and were in a traditional slow period along with a recession upon us,at least in Ontario. 

I have been in Real Estate sales and management since 1982,with Century 21, and have witnessed and lived thru this amazing internet market place shift ,and with the help of Century21 and my technical support team, I plan to use it to the max,to promote my business

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