"Things FSBO Companies Don't want consumers to Know"

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To keep you interested, I will be writing 3 Blogs about this from today to Friday...so please come back tomorrow to read part 2....Here we go !!!!


1) THEY CHARGE UP FRONT (In most cases Thousands)....Agents Dont... When it comes down to it, Listing with an Agent shouldn't cost you a cent.  I know you probably read that a few times.  Agents don't charge upfront, we only charge when results are provided.  This gives you an advantage in more than one way.  On the other hand, I have heard of individuals paying upwards of $2000.00 upfront just for a sign and a spot on a website, only to end up having their house listed and sold by an Agent.

2) THEY AREN'T HELD TO ANY CODE OF ETHICS.....Real Estate Agents across Canada are held to a strict code of ethics by CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association).  They take the liability if something goes wrong.  We are also are held to higher standards in advertising and we have duties to you as a Client.

3) JUST BECASUE YOU ARE A REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE RICH OR OVER PAID......This has been the fuel for many slanderous ad campaigns released by popular for sale by owner websites over the years.  The truth of the matter is, if it was that easy and we got paid a "Small Fortune" to sell a house, everyone would get into the business.  Selling homes is hard work.  Agents often find themselves working for FREE and hoping to recieve a commission.

Thanks for reading Part 1 of 3 of my Blog concerning FSBO companies.  Tune in tomorrow for Part 2.


Please note: the above was privided by Wes Hoover and printed on REM online.


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