Things FSBO companies don't want consumers to know PART 3

This is Part 3 of 3 of what FSBO companies do not want YOU the consumer to know:


7) YOU DO ALL THE WORK....since these companies are not licensed to trade in Real Estate they are not permiteed to represent you in a real estate transaction.  This means they can't answer buyer inquiries for you, show your home, host open houses, handle paperwork, mediate negotiations, advise you on market conditions....and the ist goes on and on.

8) PRIVATE SALES CARRY A STIGMA AND UNCERTAINTIES THAT MAKE BUYERS UNCOMFORTABLE....Ever gone to view a private sale as a buyer? then you know it can be extremely uncomfortable and limiting to view someone's  house with them in it.  It can be even more uncofortable to negotiate with them.  On top of all this, private sales beg the question, why didnt they use an agent?  Is there something wrong with the house?  if they are trying to cut costs now, did they cut costs/corners with repairs?



     I hope that you have found ,y 3 blogs on this subject intersting and if there is anything that i can help you out with, please do not hesitate to call me.







please note the aboce was printed in REM online by Wes Hoover

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