Tidbit #2 Practise Practise Practise

Fly Fishing like Real Estate is an act of constant practising and learning.

Today was a day of practising and reviewing materials for my Real Estate Career. Found that I am enjoying the profession a great deal more so than in 2000 when I left the business. Really enjoyed the business however I found that I needed to concentrate on my family life more than the business would afford to me.

Tomorrow however is a day for me and I will be joining some old and new friends on the water at Paris Ontario. Yes a day on the Grand River "Practising" I am a semi proficient fly fisher and I can cast fairly well butI am wanting to become more of a more rounded fly fisherman. Tomorrow I get to play with the big boys. Tomorrow I get to learn a more effective way to use my 14 Foot Spey Rod. I picked this rod up on a whim about 6-7 months ago and it has been out a times to fish with this new to the Art of Spey Casting person that it was almost embarrassed to be seen on the rivers with me.


Well people I will be going to bed soon as if I can sleep, almost as excited as a young person trying to go to bed on Christmas eve.

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