Tidbit #3 Relationship of the First Time Buyers and its common ground to the New Spey Caster.

Intimidating, anxious, nervous, cautious just a few of the things that happen to the first time and sometimes repeat buyers. We as Real Estate people work with the papers daily, we are steeped in the procedures and we are in contact with others in the industry which tends to make a lot of the issues in buying a home second nature to us. We need to reassure the buyers and sellers as we move out and along with the purchase and sale of the properties we are handling for them. Remember we see this stuff daily and they do not so we need to make sure that they are safe, comfortable and understanding of what they are involved with.

Intimidation, anxious, nervous, cautious just a few of the things that were running through my head this morning at 4:30 am as I was leaving for a 3 1/2 hr. drive to a Spey Casting Clinic in Paris Ontario.

Like the agent and the new buyer, the casting instructor had to steer me all the way to the river bank. First Neil Houlding had to check out my equipment to make sure it was matched and adequate, then he needed to direct me in the ways of proper stance and grip. Later some instruction into different styles of casting. All along Neil knew that some of the group were like the new buyer and some of the group had been through the process before. So like the Realtor Neil took the time and walked me through the process in detail.  Thanks Neil.

So when you are rushing through the papers on some occasion and the person on the other end looks a little confused or puzzled remember it is common to us the same way that Spey Casting is common to my instructor.

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