Barely able to call this a May Blog when it appears on one of the last 3 days of the month - but the month has flown.

The current market for real estate has stayed extremely strong in the Quinte area and why not - it's a great place to live!

If your new to the area there are so many things to see and enjoy throughout the summer below are just a few to get you started, check on line for more info on each:

  • Bay of Quinte Fishing
  • Loads of walking/hiking trails
  • Provincial Parks, Brighton, Prince Edward County, Campbellford...
  • Swimming
  • Theatre, Belleville, Stirling, Brighton, Campbellford...
  • O'Hara Mills pioneer Homestead in Madoc (many festivities throughout the year)
  • Tweed Elvis Festival
  • Spring, Summer and Fall Fairs - Stirling, PEC, Campbellford, Madoc, Tweed, Napanee, Shannonville to name just a few
  • Many waterways in the area for boating, water sports, canoeing, kayaking
  • Water buffalo festival in Stirling
  • Music entertainment in Belleville @ the Empire Square
  • Hastings County Plowing Match and Farm Show
  • Trenton Air Base and Museum


Here at the Farm things are slow to progress as the rains keep coming. Alot of farmers have not got much if any seed in the ground as it is saturated.  Last year the drought has everyone on edge - this year its the rain. Oh well I'm sure it will stop at some point. For more news on the farm you can always link to:






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