Tips to Sell Your Home This Spring

Spring is a time for rebirth, renewal, and starting new adventures.  Whether that means you are moving out of your own house or looking for a new one, the prospect of finding something new is always appealing to prospective home buyers.  Every neighbourhood looks better in the spring, but there are plenty of ways for you to make you house look and feel the best it can be for prospective buyers.  This spring, try out a few of these tips and watch the offers for your house pour in.

Curb Appeal

Right from the moment a prospective buyer sees your home from the curb, it goes without saying that the better the house and the property looks from the outside, the better first impression the buyer will get about the place.  Some buyers will know within 60 seconds whether or not they will want to consider buying it.  Trim trees and bushes, spruce up the gardens, and clean the front walks, driveways and/or patios with a pressure washer.  Also it can’t hurt to give your front door a fresh coat of paint so that the area where visitors wait for the door to open is nice and inviting.

Downsize on the Clutter

Clutter can be endearing in a lived-in space, but you want your house to look clean, neat, and approachable in the eyes of visitors and prospective buyers. Go through your rooms, closets, and accessible storage area and store extra sweaters and the like in an off-site storage facility so it looks like the house has plenty of space, both in and out of storage areas.  It also allows more light to fill the home, making it look and feel a little brighter, which can make all the difference.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to do everything right when you’re selling your house.  For more tips and information on selling your home, visit Century 21 Westcountry Realty today.

Larrissa Kalyn

Larrissa Kalyn

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