Balance - Is the key!

Jan 14th, in the middle of the night, Melissa & I welcomed our second child into the world.  Landon Lawrence Jago was born at 1:46 am, Monday January 14th.  Due date for Landon was Feb 7th.  Though early, and weighing in at 5 lbs 12 oz, Landon is a healthy little boy.  His stay at Brandon General Hospital is a little longer than planned, just to make sure he is fully ready to take on the world.  We expect his arrival home approximately the end of January, though the Pediatrician will let us know when Landon is ready. 

This brings me to the topic.  My previous career was very demanding.  It both required a lot of physical work, and a lot of time AT work.  Meaning I'd be out of town most of the work week, and when returning home I'd be physically tired from the week.  My choice to join Century 21 was not as much of a "job change", but a lifestyle change.  I saw the light in a career that allowed me to take my extreme customer satisfaction, to an earning potential that I personally would dictate.  Coming off of a very successful 2012, my goals in 2013 and forever on, will be balance. 

Knowing that Melissa & I were planning to have children someday, I knew that my previous job was not going to be easy, as I would be away too often.  When it came to juggling a family, being available on a daily basis was important to me.  Upon starting my Real Estate career, I knew I had to sacrifice at the beginning to learn what it took to become a successful Realtor with satisfied clients.  Quitting my previous job was an easy decision, and looking back, it was the right decision.

Have you ever thought about your GOALS?  If not, you need to organize them all on paper.  From financial, personal, and pleasure perspectives, you need to find ways to balance all three aspects of your life.  I've met lots of very successful people in my business, and am very conscious of their lifestyles vs their happiness.  A person who works all of the time, sacrifices their family and personal time.  A person who is always having fun, might be sacrificing their family time and hurting their finances.  Finding a career that you truly enjoy, that allows quality time with your family, mixed with the right amount of time for friends and fun activities, would be, in my mind, the perfect lifestyle.  While I'm not quite there, I can truly say at this moment, I am very very close.

Balance all three, I promise you'll lead a happier life than you ever expected. 


Cheers to 2013 being one of your best years ever!


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