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 Shoal Lake has something to offer everyone.  Its strong agricultural roots have produced a friendly and safe small town atmosphere while its ideal location and dymatic, progressive nature also offer many amenities not usually available in a town this size.  Recent years have brought many changes to the Town of Shoal Lake.  Pioneer Grain has taken over the high throughput grain elevator and major fertilizer distribution center, and the newly amalgamated Yellowhead RCMP detachment chose Shoal Lake as its administrative centre.


The Town of Shoal Lake and the surrounding Rural Municipality, which includes the Hamlet of Oakburn 16 km to the North, are in the centre of North Amercia, in the Southwestern area of the province of Manitoba in Canada.  Shoal Lake is 280 km Northwest of the Provincial capital of Winnipeg and 110 Northwest of Brandon, the province's second largest city.


On the famous “March West” of the North West Mounted Police in 1874, some members broke away and traveled North through Fort Ellice to Fort Edmonton.  On their return trip along the Fort Ellice Trail, the NWMP established posts at Shoal Lake, Minnedosa, and Gladstone.  In 1885, the Canadain Pacific Railway  was constructed at the North end of the Lake rather than the South end where the settlement was.  Showing a progressive nature that exists to this day, the community began the great exodus to the north end of the lake, with some of the buildings being moved up the lake on the ice.  The south end survives as a cottage area, popular for boating and water-skiing.

The Hamlet of Oakburn began when the Canadian National Railway was built in 1906.  Although named by Socttish settlers, the area boast a strong Ukrainian heritage with many historical sites still well preserved.


The Town of Shoal Lake is located around the north end of Shoal Lake itself. The lake is nine kilometers long, making it ideal for boating and water-skiing.  Fishermen can enjoy the abundant supply of walleye and northern pike, which are kept healthy year-round thanks to two aeration systems put in by the local Lions Club.  Ice fishing shacks are a common site on the Lake throughout the winter months.  The north end of the lake boast paved walking trails winding through professionally landscaped grounds.  The Shoal Lake Millennium Project further enhanced this area with the addition of lighting throughout the walking paths, a staris leading from the Oak River, and a path and bridge connecting the campground on the east side of the lake to the golf course on the west shore.

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