Maybe it is time to try Feng Shui

So you have decluttered your home, fixed things up and even staged your home yet it hasn’t sold. Why not try Feng Shui (the balance of energies in a given space that helps its inhabitants achieve good health and fortune). Some are skeptical, others believe and practice. I figure, why not, what have you got to lose? I am a believer that the feeling you get when you enter a home can make or break a deal. So If there is anything that can be done to improve this energy (known as ch’i), why not give it a try.

 Now I am certainly no expert in Feng Shui but I do know a few things.   In Feng Shui practice, all life situations are divided into nine categories and are spatially represented by areas in your home. Each of these areas are called a Gua. For the purpose of selling a home, I believe the most influential areas would likely be Prosperity, Fame and Reputation, and Helpful People

 To get started, visualize yourself standing at the front of your house facing it. Divide your house into 9 zones (three at the back, three across the middle, and three along the front)

 The back left hand corner is your Prosperity zone. In this zone you want to place items that are purple, green, or gold as they are the power colors for prosperity. You can also place items that remind you of wealth or abundance. This is definitely an area you don’t want to dirt, garbage cans or anything broken. Perhaps it’s as simple as placing a $20 bill in an envelope in this zone.

 The second zone to consider is Fame and Reputation. It is located right next to prosperity or at the back in the centre. Red is the  color for this area. Fire is the element for fame and plants also have wonderful energy for this zone. In this area you want to avoid black and water as it will extinguish the fire. This would be a good area for candles, especially if they are red.

 The third zone to consider is Helpful People. This zone is at the front to the far right in your house. In this area you want to place objects that are the color grey. You can also place items that are symbols of help. In the case of selling your home, you could place your Real Estate Agent's business card or business cards of well connected individuals who you think could help sell your house.

 Again, I am certainly no expert in Feng Shui. These are just a few basic rules I have picked up over the years, most from Karen Rauch Carter’s best seller “Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life”. And yes, I have applied them to some aspects of my life, however selling my home wasn’t one of them….but health and family may have been. And I can attest to having a healthy happy family.

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