The Big Spring Clean

Well, it’s officially Spring! Even though it still looks like January, the calendar tells us otherwise. And of course, we all know what happens in Spring – the BIG CLEAN! After Months of being trapped in doors, I am sure we can all agree that stuff has piled up – especially recyclables.

Luckily, the City of Saskatoon launched its recycle pick-up program in January this year so hopefully the pile isn’t as large as previous years. However, should you have an excess build up of recyclables or simply missed your pick up date, the following locations would be more than happy to accept newsprint, tin cans, milk jugs, & beverage containers.

And so you do not miss the next recycle pick up date, you can check out the calendar below.

 Recycle Pick Up Calendar

 Happy Spring cleaning!

Laura Balyski

Laura Balyski

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