Do I Need a Permit?

Thinking of finishing your basement or doing some renovations to improve your home? Home improvements typically add value when they are done properly. However, they can also decrease value or hinder a sale when permits have not been obtained. Before you begin, be sure to inquire if permits are required. It pays when you renovate properly but it may cost you more money, time and work if permits have not been obtained.

Many people aren’t sure what type of improvements can be done without obtaining permits. Others are under the impression that they will save money on taxes if they complete the work without the city knowing. The reality is that doing the work without permits could result in a larger expense. In a worse case scenario, you could be asked to remove walls, additions, etc. A more common issue is that you will likely experience some form of set back if trying to sell your home. A buyer may walk away from a deal if permits haven’t been obtained or they may not be able to get financing or insurance causing the deal to fall through. They may also request a lower price due to cost risk.

As a seller, you may be required to obtain permits for the work you have done in order to close the sale. This may take longer than the allotted time frame before closing date. As a result, you, your REALTOR®, the buyer and their REALTOR® will undergo much additional stress and unnecessary headache. You may experience a delay in closing, a holdback of full payment or even a decreased sale price which could negatively affect your financing if purchasing a new home.

It is worth it to get that permit!

Click here for City of Saskatoon Permit information. Even a deck requires a permit!

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