Bayview Hill, Richmond Hill Market Update as of April 6, 2015

There are 14 properties for sale in Bayview Hill with asking prices ranging from $1,598,000 to $3,288,000. They are all detached houses and of these properties, only 2 are new April listings. One of these houses has been sold conditionally.

Multiple offers can also happen on these properties even though, in general, their turnover ratio is lower than for other areas of Richmond Hill, such as the Rouge Woods Community.

Buyers, the good news is that even though we are still in a Sellers' Market situation in the Bayview Hill Community, since the properties seem to stay on the market for a longer period of time than in other communities, there is more time for Buyers to think and evaluate...

In all cases, my advice is to establish your budget, your needs and your wants BEFORE you start looking for your dream home. Go out there knowing what you are looking for and with a priority features list. You will rarely find a property that meets 100% of your needs and goals, therefore go shopping with a clear idea of your MUST haves, those features that if absent, are a deal breaker.... and then enjoy the process!

Your Needs, Your Goals: My Focus!

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