Great Mother's Day Idea!!! - How to Create mom(or yourself) a Floral Arrangement that lasts.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner I thought I would share some simple tips on how to create an appealing arrangement for mom, yourself, or maybe even for both of you! 

Step 1. Select a Vase and bring it with you when you go shopping for your flowers. Proportions are never what we remember them to be, and this way the sales associate can give you some helpful advice, or maybe even select the flowers for you.

Step 2. Choose your Accent Colour or Colour PopTake a look at the colour wheel provided. Your accent colour will be the colour opposite your vase colour on the colour, wheel. My vase is yellow/orange and the colour opposite, on the colour wheel is pink/purple. I chose pink flowers as my Accent Colour.

Step 3. Next Select some flowers to act as neutrals to balance the arrangement. Neutral flower colours will be whites, creams, and greys.

Step 4.
 Choose flowers that vary in size in order to create visual interest. 
Floral arrangements work best when there is an odd number, so if you have 2 accent flowers then choose 5-7 neutrals

Step 5. Go for it! Put your flowers in the vase, starting with your largest/most overpowering flower, and then work the others into the arrangement. Play with it until you are happy with it. Either way, I guarantee mom will love it <3 

 Creativity is the Spice of Life!

***All the flowers shown in the above arrangements were purchased from Urban Barn

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