Organize your home!

The new year is a great time to organize and declutter your home, and get rid of excess items you no longer need.

Now to get motivated !!!

Step 1. Always start with a cup of java...ahhhh coffee, how would I ever get anything accomplished without you?

Step 2. Take out those boxes you have left over from Christmas (you did save your boxes from Christmas right :P If not, make a trip to your local supermarket or Staples, they are very generous:D)

Step 3. Declutter, put all useable appliances and kitchen gadgetry that you have never and will never use into the boxes. Repeat this process going room to room. Go through your closets, any clothes not worn in the last year go into the box. As you go through the rooms in your house throw all unusable or broken items into green garbage bags.

Step 4. Go to Canadian Tire (I go to Canadian Tire but please feel free to go wherever you like to shop) and purchase hangers and whatever organizational boxes are required to get your space back on track. While you are at the store feel free to pick up a couple of extra items for your next stop.

Step 5. Women’s Shelter, I like to take toiletries and my gently worn clothing to the women’s shelter but please feel free to share your items with whomever you feel will benefit, but please, please, please, do not just throw everything in a landfill I promise you someone else will find a use for your items…Goodwill is usually my second choice.

Now all you have to do is re-organize!!! You may need a refill on that coffee...

Warm regards,

Laureen Espinoza, REALTOR®


Laureen Espinoza

Laureen Espinoza

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