Staging Tips-Focal Point is Key

In the same way that artists ensure that every picture has a Focal Point, each room requires a Focal Point. A spot in the room that draws the viewers eye to it, and is the first to be given attention.

I have provided a list of possible Focal Points for you below, so that you may take advantage of  these in your own home.


-Large Picture Window

-Big Screen T.V

-Bed in master Bedroom

-Backsplash in Kitchen 

-Large Piece of Furniture, for example an armoire.

Avoid more than one focal point in one room. This will disrupt the rooms balance and will give the viewer a negative impression of the room and a feeling of disorder.  Please notice how the appearance of the room above changed once the furniture was re-positioned and the T.V was placed above the Fireplace shifting the Focal Point.

Laureen Espinoza

Laureen Espinoza

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