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The 40 year mortgage is dead.

As of October 15th, 2008 the government of Canada will no longer be guaranteeing 40 year mortgages in an effort to strengthen and protect the Canadian housing market.  Some of the rule changes are: Fixing the maximum amortization period for new government-backed mortgages to 35 years; Requiring a minimum down payment of five per cent for new government-backed mortgages; Establishing ...

A Buyers Market is a trading up opportunity??

Consider this; you have a home that is currently worth $400,000 and you want to move up to a home that is worth $600,000.  You would need $200,000 of extra funds to make this move. Now, the market begins to move to a buyers market and prices slide 5%, let's re-evaluate our scenario above. Our $400,000 home now sells for only $380,000 (5% less) and the $600,000 home now sells for $570,000.  ...

How are home prices affected by the economy?

  Understanding today's real estate market and how the market impacts the home selling process can be confusing.  This report is designed help you make the right decisions for your family by helping you understand the market and its impact on the selling process.  The real estate market is a simple function of supply and demand.  In real estate, supply is the total number ...

Credit Financing Tips For Home Buyers In Toronto

It's a great time to buy property in Toronto as it has too become a buyer's market. Although mortgage rates are hovering at fifty year lows lenders can be quite challenging in releasing fund readily. In order to be an appealing mortgage candidate it is recommended to have a healthy down payment. 15% would be considered pretty health. 20% down payment would eliminate paying an insured premium for the ...

Alternative Cleaning Products for a Greener Home

According to the National Environmental Service Center (NESC) it is estimated that the average homeowner may have up to 100 pounds of various types of hazardous household waste products at any time in their home. This includes products that are flammable, combustible, toxic, explosive or corrosive. You are probably well aware of the hazards associated with the improper storage and use of certain ...