Cork Flooring! Go geen!

Whoever looks at a cork bottle stopper! Dull, dismal, and depressing, we think it performs a great function, but not worth more than a passing glance.  It almost seems as if someone dribbled a dash of an ambiguous dismal liquid into the slot of a machine that churned out this very ordinary, unassuming yet useful item. Let’s be honest, have we ever taken this little thing into our hands and looked at it closely or even thought about its existence or roots…
Think of the same cork and think about flooring? Who would have thought these two could be related?  Never could I think that cork and flooring would vibe so well together and create an environment-friendly product. Cork flooring is increasingly gaining in popularity. This product is not merely functional but beautiful and surely worth a thousand looks! Being lightweight with natural insulation properties, cork is water-resistant and soundproof. All of these make cork into a perfect natural resource for use in our homes. The finished product is smooth and there is a vast range of natural patterns to select from.
A GREEN product! Cork is a natural renewable resource. We know that cork is obtained from the cork-oak tree that flourishes abundantly along southern Europe and North Africa. A UNECE report (Oct. 2012) stated that the cork industry sustained more than 100,000 people in the western Mediterranean ecosystem. Regular extraction of cork was necessary to maintain this ecosystem that supported innumerable flora and fauna.Moreover, cork products absorb carbon and help maintain the carbon balance of our already beleaguered Earth.
Now, wouldn’t that be a good reason to use cork!

(UNECE: United Nations Economic Commission for Europe)

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